5 ways to make a good deal when purchasing real estates:


1.Purchase with 100% cash /90% of apartments which offer price advantage are sold in cash/ #CashSale

2.Research the construction partners/contractors /They may have a same apartment which was obtained on a cheaper barter deal /#ExchangeDeals

3.Wait the opportunity to come /Real estate prices usually come down during peak winter time or in April or May when the construction works begin /#ProperTiming

4. Invest by yourself to the construction projects, which are being built on your dream location! /Make an order before it’’s built /#InvestYourself#PreOrder

5. Or, in brief, just make a call to #UAProperties. What we do is to make offers on location and price, which are our advantage. #RightAgency #GuaranteedBestOffer #HotDealsOnly Customers and users also have a good research results of their own. Real estate is an ASSET! You may not choose apartment or house from us, but you should make a call to us for consultation before making your final decision. We will be happy to give you an advice on the phone, and it’s FREE!